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Left Damp Medway
Left Damp Medway
Long Term
& Low Cost
Fix your damp problem
Fix your damp problem
Fix your damp problem

Up to 60% of Property in Medway and Kent is afflicted with some form of damp

Dampwise Medway are the premier damp proof course specialists of Medway and the surrounding areas. Many older terrace properties in the South East date back to Victorian times. A large percentage of these properties were never constructed with a functioning DPC (slate-bed) and have suffered decades of damp, mould and mildew.

At Dampwise Medway we provide a low-cost method of rectifying damp in your home. A one-stop, no-delay, indefinite solution to fix your damp problem. We specialise in the DPC injection process and provide a guarantee certificate on completion.

A failed damp proof course means rising damp will slowly saturate plaster, masonry and timber, making your house uninhabitable. Whether the Damp Proof Course in your property has deteriorated or failed completely, we can drill and inject a new DPC the same day.

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Dampwise Medway

The slate or bitumen-felt that may possibly be visible in the external brickwork bed-joint. It's usually about three courses above ground level. It may be concealed by render, or it may be missing entirely. However, a functioning DPC is the only thing keeping a dry home from being a damp home.
Unless a compromised physical damp proof course is replaced with a chemical injection damp proof course, the moisture retained below ground-level will continue to rise up the wall and cause damp and deterioration. Although it's possible to live short term in a damp environment, for the long term occupants of damp property, a swift decline into ill health and sickness is always an inevitability. Once a severely damp property is condemned for being uninhabitable, it's only a matter of time before structural integrity becomes compromised and rectification becomes an impossibility. These properties often end up being sold at auction at a vastly reduced cost.
It's a sad fact that most so-called damp experts these days haven't got a clue what they're doing and just want to scam worried property owners out of a few quid. They make a mockery out of the damp proofing industry and give the few remaining good contractors out there a bad name. At Dampwise Medway it's different. Our primary concern is fixing the damp in your property by using the correct methods and appropriate products.
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A damp property will deteriorate rapidly. After a while, the plaster will 'blow' and fall off the brickwork. All timber within the property will be a risk of dry-rot and wet-rot.
Children, the elderly and anyone with an underlying respiratory condition will be at risk of severe health problems associated with damp. Indeed, there is documented evidence to link the early and unexpected demise of several individuals with their prolonged expose to damp, black mould and mildew.

We only use environmentally-friendly, innoxious chemicals.

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