Our DPC Guarantee

No Mess, No Fuss, No Hidden Costs and all Completed in One Day

As DPC specialists we guarantee to only drill and inject a chemical solution into your walls and fix the damp issue. We then provide you with a transferable 20 year guarantee certificate. Damp Medway are 100% client focused, we are not like other timber and damp firms that insist on re-plastering which prevents the walls from drying out naturally. Our service is fast, effective and economical.

Damp creates misery and suffering for homeowners, landlords and tenants. Legislation pertaining to damp, such as 'The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018', has empowered the occupants of damp property to pursue measures which ensure their damp homes are fixed for good. Since this was enshrined in law, countless properties have been condemned and classified as uninhabitable until the required damp proofing works are undertaken.

Most damp proofing firms like to make a massive job out it, turning your home into a dusty, hazardous building site. Nobody wants that. It's just a way for unscrupulous contractors to get more money by creating a bigger job. It's the same for semi-skilled builders and have-a-go handymen. They're never happy until they've pulled the ceiling down and re-plastered half your house.

Left Damp Medway
Left Damp Medway
Long Term
& Low Cost
Fix your damp problem
Fix your damp problem
Fix your damp problem
  • We don't rip the plaster off the homeowners walls and charge thousands for re-plastering.
  • We don't drag the job out, pulling out wiring and plumbing then charging loads for unforeseen issues.
  • We do believe in injecting your damp walls as soon as possible so your property can dry out.
  • We do believe in charging at a very competitive rate which is far cheaper than any local or nationwide damp specialists.


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