Dampwise Medway are Property Care Association Members

Alongside our accreditation from the Property Dampcourse Association, being Property Care Association qualified is our most valued and important achievement. The PCA is a ‘trade organisation’ originally formed by members of the industry very many years ago. It was called the BWPDA because it roots were in the damp proofing and timber treatment industry. Nowadays … Read more

Dampwise Medway are PDA® Accredited

The PDA® – Property Dampcourse Association is a non-profit accreditation provider for selected UK independent damp proofing specialists. They primarily function as a voluntary non-profit charitable organisation intent on providing specialist accreditation to select contractors within the damp proofing and damp control industry. Membership is by invitation only, with accreditation based on approved methodology, experience, … Read more

The Only Effective Damp Solution

If you’re looking for a solution to damp, come to us for expert industry-approved advice, a singular proven treatment and a customer-focused service. Dampwise Medway will present you with a service that is: Regional – We have been providing specialist Damp Proof Course Injection services to customers throughout all of South East England Reliable – We … Read more

A New Damp Proof Course Will Solve Rising Damp

Most building materials which are used for walls are porous, that is, they will absorb water if they are in contact with it. This is because the materials are not solid, but contain many very small holes called pores and capillaries into which water can pass. As water spreads through porous materials it draws more water along … Read more

Save Thousands on Damp Proofing

Dampwise Medway were asked to undertake a damp survey last week as a second opinion to a prior inspection.  The client had already instructed a free report and had been quoted £5740 to remove the kitchen, apply tanking-slurry and re-plaster the walls behind. Their justification being that apparently the kitchen walls were saturated.The client’s complaint … Read more

Cheapest Damp Proof Course in the South East

What is Rising Damp? Rising damp can develop in walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course and usually can occur in properties built with brickwork, stone and plaster which are all absorbent materials. Rising damp is caused by moisture in the ground around and under the property rising up within external … Read more

Environmentally Friendly Damp Proofing

Dampwise Medway only use environmentally friendly damp proofing fluid.  No Solvents Guaranteed ! Historically the damp industry has always been reliant on filling family homes with toxic chemicals in an attempt to dry out damp walls. Technological advances in recent years have enabled the development of solvent free polymers. These damp proofing polymers offer advanced … Read more