Property Sold STC, Buyer wants £20,000 Reduction Due to Damp

Q In 2018 we bought a three bedroom end of terrace in Rochester because prices were too high in Bexleyheath where we were renting. We both work from home, so the only inconvenience living in Medway is being a twenty five minute drive from both our families.
The homebuyers report confirmed that although the property was built in 1898, it was in excellent condition with varnished wood floors and many original features like ornate coving round the ceilings and hardwood panels in the hallway. There was absolutely no signs of damp anywhere !
We’re now in the process of buying the house of our dreams, a country cottage in Hollingbourne, Maidstone.
We now have a major setback because the people buying our house in Rochester have said their survey states there’s rising damp in the lounge, dining room and kitchen. In the three years we’ve been there I guarantee there’s not been any sign whatsoever of any damp. What’s worse is the buyers have got three different quotes in and now want a reduction of £20,000 off the price ! I honestly don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose out on the cottage, but I feel this is almost like some sort of scam. I had my brother take a look as he’s a general builder and he did some meter readings. He said that although there was a minor degree of water vapour inside some of the brickwork, the plaster and skirting boards and floor were all 100% dry.  I just don’t know what to do !

A Sorry to hear about this recent set-back Clare. It sounds really distressing. I imagine that damp was the last thing you expected the survey to say, especially as all the walls look dry.
Anyway, try not to worry because we can fix this problem for you.
We can install chemical injection DPC into the walls from outside and give you a
20 Year Guarantee Certificate at an especially low-cost. Most importantly, you will be able to sell your property without any reduction in price.
And remember, we get the job done with the certificate provided on the Same Day.
Dampwise Medway