Environmentally Friendly Damp Proofing

Dampwise Medway only use environmentally friendly damp proofing fluid.  No Solvents Guaranteed !
Historically the damp industry has always been reliant on filling family homes with toxic chemicals in an attempt to dry out damp walls.

Technological advances in recent years have enabled the development of solvent free polymers.
These damp proofing polymers offer advanced protection from penetrating moisture and mould growth when injected into the damp walls of your home.

As well as being derived from a 100% natural and sustainable source, a new polymer Damp Proof Course ensures your home will won’t be subject to hazardous noxious fumes often associated with a solvent DPC injection.

What is a Damp Proof Course Injection ?

Damp Proof Course Injection is a fast, cost-efficient and highly effective form of rising damp treatment. DPC injection is designed to seep into the brickwork in order to prevent moisture from the ground rising up through the bricks by capillary action and causing rising damp.

How Does the Damp Proof Course Injection Actually Work ?

The clue is in the name really; an injected DPC literally injects chemicals into the external wall of a property to form an integral layer of protection that water cannot penetrate. As bricks are porous, they will soak up the chemical waterproofing liquid. When the liquid sets the protective layer is established. This essentially means that any moisture below the DPC will not be able rise above it.

Will a Damp Proof Course Injection Definitely Work, So There’s No More Damp in My Home ?

Damp will occur if there is no damp proof course in a property. Most houses built in the last 100 years will have had some sort of DPC fitted. Traditionally, this was in the form of a layer of slate. Plastic membranes are the most widely available method nowadays. You can usually see the existing DPC in your property by looking at the external wall. Where you can see a thin black line about six inches up from the ground, that’s your DPC. But slate can crack, and no damp proof course lasts forever. The only effective remedy for damp is a 20 Year Guaranteed, Low-Cost DPC Injection from Dampwise Medway.


Dampwise Medway offer a FREE callout, with DPC injection and 20 Year Guarantee Certificate signed-off on the SAME DAY.
If you’ve been living for years in a damp home, then Dampwise Medway can fix your damp problem today.  We can inject your damp walls so you and your family can live in a happy, healthy, damp free environment.
If you’re selling a property and need a Damp Certificate FAST, then Dampwise Medway have the solution. In many instances, if your the original damp certificate has been lost, we can inspect the property and for a highly competitive fee, supply a substitute damp certificate on the same day.
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