Cheapest Damp Proof Course in the South East

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp can develop in walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course and usually can occur in properties built with brickwork, stone and plaster which are all absorbent materials.
Rising damp is caused by moisture in the ground around and under the property rising up within external and internal walls, causing internal decoration to become damaged and lead to mould growth.
If a damp proof course has failed then a new one can be introduced by a Dampwise Medway, who can inject the walls with chemical DPC. The injected damp proofing solution will be absorbed into the masonry and form an impervious barrier.
The picture above is of Tom Beresford of Walderslade. His daughter Laura is pictured in her damp-blighted bedroom.
Tom recently had a chemical injection DPC installed by Dampwise and he is now in a position to sell the family home. The Walderslade property was sold STC but came under scrutiny during the purchasers survey. Despite the damp affecting only Laura’s ground-floor bedroom and some of the hallway, the buyers wanted a £10,500 reduction. After Tom contacted Dampwise, we injected the front, flank and rear walls at very low-cost. On hearing we supplied a 20 year guarantee certificate the buyers immediately dropped their request for a discount. We are pleased to report the sale is now back on track and Tom and Laura should soon be moving to their lovely three bedroom cottage just outside Bearsted.

How to Spot Rising Damp

Dampness, mould growth and staining will be visible along the lower part of the external or internal wall. Internally damp will be seen approximately one metre above the ground floor level damp proof course (blistering of plaster wall finishes or disruption to the wallpaper will be obvious signs).  A Dampwise Medway operative will be able to ascertain if the damp is true rising damp or from another source such as condensation or penetrating damp.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Fix the Damp Problem in My Home ?

Most timber & damp firms love to rip plaster off and pull your floorboards up, just so they can make the job bigger and earn more money ! it’s the same with general builders and have-a-go handymen. They want to turn your peaceful home into a noisy, dusty building-site for days on end. Dampwise Medway are the leading Damp Proof Course Injection Specialists in the South East. We believe in getting the job done right, in One Day without any Mess, Fuss or Noise.

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